The most exciting birthday party for children in Bratislava!

Delight your children with an action-packed celebration with an original program. Everything is possible in Hangair. We guarantee a day full of unforgettable experiences!


The program begins with a fun warm-up in the gymnastics section. Afterwards, they can go crazy on the trampolines, jump into the foampit, try skateboarding or freestyle scooter if they are interested, or do some parkour.
The animator will prepare an “ninja” playground on which children can compete. The slide on snow tubes from the tower is one of the top activities for children. However, the specific program will be adapted to the individual needs of the children. So that everyone is really satisfied, and especially the birthday boy/girl. :)
Everything takes place under the supervision of an animator.

If you are interested in bringing your own catering, we offer inventory rental.

Children’s celebration in Bratislava.