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Hangair is the first and one of a kind in Slovakia. Push your limits on trampolines, snowboards, BMXs, skateboards, freeski and much more in safe environment.

Action sports academy offers regular and Snowflex covered jumps, multifunctional space, skate ramp, trampolines & gymnastics.



Get refreshed with beer and non- alcoholic beverages, beat your hunger in the bar with sandwiches.

There is as well rental shop and shop where you can borrow/buy suitable equipment.




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We insist on your safety. For this reason we‘ve prepared 10 rules of right Hangairman. Follow them – you will feel safe and get great workout. Are you in?

  1. The most important is to sign operating rules agreement. Are you younger than 18 years? Then we need the permission of your parents. It’s HERE.
  2. Take some sportswear with you.  Take some, you don‘t mind if you rip them off .
  3. Always wear a helmet.  Did you forget it? Get one in our rental shop.
  4. Do you need a help, an advise or be shown the right technique? Our trainer will be more than happy to help you.
  5. Make sure that you’ll get the chance to do some sports. Use our reservation system.
  6. Do you have reservation but you are not able to come? Cancel it up to 12 hours and there is no problem.
  7. There is always only one person jumping on the trampoline. It’s important for your safety.
  8. Aways check whether the foampit is empty, then jump.
  9. Take only closable bottle to the sports area. We happily prepare your drink and sandwich in our bar.
  10. Don’t forget: when you are mindful of others you are certainly in safety.

Can’t wait to see you!